The Neophyte Daddy: The Ultimate Transition Guide

for New Dads

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Are you expecting to be a dad any time soon?

Are you a parent needing some guidance in parenting?

Do you feel excited, anxious, or nervous about becoming a dad?

Do you feel you are unprepared to assume the responsibility of being a father?

Do you want to become one step ahead to assume responsible fatherhood?

Do you desire to be the best father to your child and the consistent loving husband to your wife during pregnancy and after childbirth?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, then this BLUEPRINT ON FIRST-TIME FATHERHOOD is absolutely for you!


  • Offers practical transition guide from being a dude to becoming an awesome first-time dad.
  • Will definitely allay all your fears and anxieties of becoming a daddy.
  • Will serve as your ultimate guide to be the best partner to your wife during pregnancy up to the delivery of your child.
  • Will make you a wiser first-time father in terms of financial management.
  • Will definitely inspire you to be the best partner ever to your wife.
  • Will assure you that sexual intimacy is still possible during pregnancy….

AND A LOT MORE benefits….

By the way, let me tell you my story…

I got married five years ago. I was still working then with a television network as a field reporter. Amazing job, indeed! I would say there’s no other job that I could be proud of than being a broadcast journalist then.

I’ve got to experience lots of “first times” from this job, ranging from the most dead serious encounters down to the most hilarious ones.

Field reporting many years ago:)

For the first time, I was able to ride in a helicopter during my extensive marijuana eradication coverage in the hinterlands of Cordillera.

After touching almost the clouds and the heavens, I then submerged myself somewhere at the bottom of the sea for underwater coverage.

It was my first time then to do scuba diving, and I always get excited whenever there’s a chance for underwater coverage. Work should be fun!

It was also my first time to be bribed by people with hidden interests. But through God’s grace, He preserved me and still is preserving me to have clean hands.

One can live right and clean in this industry that is also marred by lies and corruption. We also have to police our very ranks.

I can go on narrating. But even a full-blown documentary will not suffice to tell all my “first-time” moments during those 10 years in the media industry.

But you know what got me chills and goosebumps other than those I mentioned above? The thought of first-time fatherhood!

Carrying my firstborn child at 8 months

Do I even know how to hold a baby in my arms? Do I know how to change diapers? Prepare a bottle of milk? Feed? Bathe the baby?

Scary, right? Good scare, I must say.

I remember watching my baby fell asleep on his crib, feeling worried if he’s still breathing or not. I remember how he took his first steps, how he fell on the ground and cried, and how he first said “pa-pa”!

I vividly remember how my baby boy turned into a peeing fountain when I forgot to put some cover during a diaper change.

When we enter marriage, most of us dream of having a child. I dream of three or four, God willing. But fatherhood can be scary IF you are caught unprepared.

Dude, I fully understand that some, if not all, first-time fathers become extremely excited yet anxious when they find out that wife’s PT turns positive. What that positive pregnancy kit means won’t sink in right away. Literally, it means things will never be the same again. Welcome to the Dad Club!

But when you cannot fully reconcile your excitement with your fears and anxiety, your new role as a first-time father might be in limbo.   

Most of the time, neophyte dads panic. They fear whether they can be awesome dads. They fear if they can even hold the fragile baby in their arms without inflicting harm to him/her. The problem is a lack of confidence and foresight of what fatherhood looks like. They’re not that prepared.

And because of such unpreparedness, first-time fathers do not share their fears and anxieties, to the point that the joy of becoming a father has become a dreadful path to take. Such negative emotions rob them of the joy and blessing of having one. Which is not supposed to be. Never ever allow it.

Honestly, despite all the preparations we do in life, in general, these will not be sufficient. Sh*t happens sometimes. When it happens, we panic. We lose our confidence. We deem ourselves as failures. Which are all lies and myths.

Despite being a neophyte daddy, becoming an awesome first-time father is doable and achievable. Rearing a child is never an exclusive mother’s field. We actually have an equal chance to bond with the baby provided we make time to strengthen the relationship between the newborn baby and us. There are many first-time fathers who do the right thing, man up and become awesome daddies.

I do believe you can be one, too!

This book is practically a collection of personal experiences coupled with research and case studies from real people. As a journalist and a father myself, I can assure you that this book has been written and weaved to cater to first-time parents’ needs, particularly fathers-to-be, for practical guides for great parenting.

The CHAPTER III of this book about stages of pregnancy has been medically reviewed by an OBG/GYN to ensure that I am only giving accurate and factual information about your wife’s pregnancy.

This BLUEPRINT ON FIRST-TIME FATHERHOOD is easy-to-read, yet hard to discard for its valuable insights on parenting.

This eBook might just earn you the credit of being the awesome father your baby dreams you to be.

It may not be an instant ticket to becoming a great dad, but surely, you will be one step ahead to becoming one.

For just $15 (P750), you get the opportunity to invest in yourself as you transition from being what you are now to becoming the awesome dad that you want to be.

If you avail of this eBook, here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Planning Checklist – Newborn Baby Essentials
  • A Private invitation in Facebook Group Community – The Neophyte Daddy PH

    • The Neophyte Daddy eBook is a nine-chapter book on first-time fatherhood. It has a clickable Table of Contents where you can read the chapters you want without having to navigate the entire book. Aside from personal stories and research, this book is also medically reviewed by an OB/GYN to ensure that only accurate information is provided. There is also a “Dad in Action” worksheet at the end of each chapter to help first-time dads prepare for their fatherhood journey.
    • The Planning Checklist – Newborn Baby Essentials. Wondering what you need to prepare for the coming of your newborn? The Neophyte Daddy has already prepared the checklist for you! YOU SAVE TIME SEARCHING FOR EVERYTHING ON THE NET.
    • A Private invitation in Facebook Group Community – The Neophyte Daddy PH. Since it’s my desire to build a community of awesome dads, upon availing this product, you’ll get an invitation to be part of an exclusive Facebook Group Community where fathers assist and help each other to become awesome dads. This will be your “safe zone” online about your concerns on first-time fatherhood.

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    I know, this is not a book of solutions, but definitely a book of wisdom!

    This is for every aspiring Neophyte Daddy who wants to be the coolest dad ever but doesn’t know where to start.

    Cheers to great parenting!

    Take the words of those who’ve read the eBook already:

    Ramon Eugene Daen, Husband, Manito, Albay, PH
    Loaded with information from research, dad groups and the author’s experience himself, this book delivers on its promise to be the ultimate transition guide for new dads in this modern world.

    The quote below gives a glimpse of the author’s own reflections interspersed with accumulated wisdom from other great sources:

    “I was once guilty of robbing my baby’s precious moments whenever I used my phone while putting my baby to sleep. Instead of gazing at the baby’s face and capture his elusive smile while putting him to sleep, I scrolled my cellphone’s screen to kill time.”

    “Try it, Dad! It’s cool. You will imagine yourself in it while reading.”
    – Eman Bulatao, Young Dad, Seafarer from Pangasinan, PH

    “The book is a great read. I got so immersed in the book that I started seeing myself as a new dad. Thank you!” – Kayode Kyle Olutayo Adeniran, Ogbomoso, Nigeria

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1. What exactly I’m buying?

    You’re buying an eBook (which you can save on your phone/tablet or laptop) and read it wherever you are. Plus, other valuable BONUSES to help you out in your goal of becoming the best dad your baby dreams you to be.

    For just a small investment, you will be guided on your new role as a first-time parent. It’s just three or four times worth of your weekly Starbucks coffee consumption! Still not worth it? I believe it is!

    2. Is this eBook the best guide available for first-time parents?

    To be honest, it still depends on you if you take action. The eBook has so much information, both practical and research-based, about first-time parenting. If you don’t apply them, well, that answers the question. Knowledge without action is still inaction.

    3. Can I request a refund If I find your eBook a crap? (Ouch!)

    Absolutely! You are protected by a 15-day money-back guarantee. Just send me a request for a refund and you’ll get your small investment in no time. It’s my mission to help out first-time parents in their new role so you can keep the eBook for yourself. Consider it as my early birthday gift to you!


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    20% of the readers would skip directly to the end. And there’s a huge chance you’re one of them…

    Sayang naman effort ko writing the letter, haha (jk)

    But anyway, here’s what you get if you join today, you skipper, haha:

    • The Neophyte Daddy eBook
    • The Planning Checklist – Newborn Baby Essentials
    • A Private invitation in Facebook Group Community – The Neophyte Daddy PH

    To avail of the eBook…


    Signing Off!

    Rooting for you!

    May you be the best dad your baby dreams you to be!

    Alfie Tulagan, The Neophyte Daddy

    Lastly, if you feel that this book is just a waste of your time or for any other reason, I am offering you a 15-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Just send the request for refund and you’ll get your refund within two weeks. No hard feelings. You may even keep the copy of the eBook for yourself. That’s how confident I am that this eBook can serve you well.

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