Enough of self-promotion!

Let our readers speak what they think about the eBook “The Neophyte Daddy: The Ultimate Transition Guide for New Dads”

“The book is a great read. I got so immersed in the book that I started seeing myself as a new dad. Thank you bro!”

Kayode Kyle Olutayo Adeniran, Ogbomoso, Nigeria

“Try it Dad! It’s cool. You will imagine yourself in it while reading.”

– Eman Bulatao, Young Dad, Seafarer

“For those soon to be dad, this one is for you. This is not only a work of mind but a work of heart.”

Lennon Jhon Tapiador, Future Dad, Pangasinan

“This one’s highly recommended. Go dads, and moms, too!”

-Eduardo Dela Cruz II, Young Dad from Isabela

Loaded with information from research, dad groups and the author’s experience himself, this book delivers on its promise to be the ultimate transition guide for new dads in this modern world.

The quote below gives a glimpse of the author’s own reflections interspersed with accumulated wisdom from other great sources:

“I was once guilty of robbing my baby’s precious moments whenever I used my phone while putting my baby to sleep. Instead of gazing at he baby’s face and capture his elusive smile while putting him to sleep, I scrolled my cellphone’s screen to kill time.”

Ramon Eugene Daen, Husband, Manito, Albay