The Story of the Neophyte Daddy

It takes courage and humility for expectant dads to read and get information on how to prepare for first-time fatherhood and be the best dad their baby dreams them to be. The macho society that we try to conform with hinders us from learning the “domesticated” life of being a hands-on father. It’s a mother thing, so they say. Glad that you’ve shrugged that idea off, and so you got hold of this book to enrich your knowledge on first-time fatherhood.

If you are engaged, newly-married, or expectant to be a father any time soon, this Free Book will be a helpful guide to your new journey. If you are now a father of one or two and expecting your third baby, this book can also be your refresher’s crash course. It’s always wise to go back to basics!

My Story

I got married four years ago. I was still working then with a television network as a field reporter. Amazing job, indeed! I would say there’s no other job that I could be proud of than being a broadcast journalist then. I’ve got to experience lots of “first times” from this job, ranging from the most dead serious encounters down to the most hilarious ones.

Field reporting few years ago:) Look how skinny I was 🙂

For the first time, I was able to ride in a helicopter during my extensive marijuana eradication coverage in the hinterlands of Cordillera. After touching almost the clouds and the heavens, I then submerged myself somewhere at the bottom of the sea for an underwater coverage. It was my first time then to do scuba diving, and I always get excited whenever there’s a chance for an underwater coverage. Work should be fun!

I also co-anchored a morning show program of GMA Regional TV in Northern Luzon entitled Primera Balita.

It was also my first time to be bribed by people with hidden interests. But through God’s grace, He preserved me and still is preserving me to have clean hands. One can live right and clean in this industry that is also marred by lies and corruption. We also have to police our very ranks.

I can go on narrating. But even a full-blown documentary will not suffice to tell all my “first-time” moments during those 10 years in the media industry.

Studio sub-anchor for GMA Regional TV’s Balitang Amianan

But you know what got me chills and goosebumps other than those I mentioned above? The thought of first-time fatherhood! Do I even know how to hold a baby in my arms? Do I know how to change diapers? Prepare a bottle of milk? Feed? Bathe the baby?

Scary, right? Good scare, I must say.

I remember watching my baby fell asleep on his crib, feeling worried if he’s still breathing or not. I remember how he took his first steps, how he fell on the ground and cried, and how he first said “pa-pa”! I vividly remember how my baby boy turned into a peeing fountain when I forgot to put some cover during a diaper change.

When we enter marriage, most of us dream of having a child. I dream of three or four, God willing. But fatherhood can be scary, IF you are caught unprepared.

You don’t need a college degree to become a dad. But you do need to prepare for the arrival of the baby and expect changes and challenges in the relationship.

My firstborn, Maksil (Pangasinan word for “strong”).

I asked some dear friends and “seasoned” fathers how they prepared for their roles as first-time dads. But instead of answers, they posed these seven frequently asked questions first-time fathers should consider and contemplate.

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